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Varifocal Lens Details

KODAK Unique HD Lens






KODAK Unique HD Lens is our most advanced digital varifocal lens, it takes into account your prescription, frame choice and physical dimensions, producing a pair of lenses that have been designed and manufactured to provide you with the ultimate viewing experience.





KODAK Unique Lens





KODAK Unique Lens provides a superlative distance viewing experience whilst maintaining excellent intermediate and near vision, with its extended range of designs it is suitable for all frame shapes and styles.






KODAK Easy Lens





KODAK Easy Lens is designed to deliver a more natural head an eye movement experience where the requirement for a wider reading and intermediate area is preferred, having multiple designs means it is suitable for a broader array of frame styles.






KODAK Precise Digital Lens and KODAK Concise Digital Lens





These lenses are digitally enhanced for exceptional precision; KODAK Precise Digital Lens is suitable for a more conventional size frame whilst KODAK Concise Digital Lens is optimised for shallower frames.






KODAK Precise Lens and KODAK Concise Lens





These are traditional varifocal lenses, KODAK Precise Lens is suitable for a more conventional size frame whilst KODAK Concise Lens is optimised for shallower frames.






KODAK SoftWear Lens



KODAK Softwear Lenses are designed to assist the eyes for intermediate and close up tasks, providing extra wide areas for indoor specific visual needs.
These lenses are ideal for:

•   Reading newspapers at arm’s length

•   Desk/computer work

•   Office environment

•   Indoor hobbies