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Children’s Eyecare

Free Childrens Eye Tests and Spectacles



Your child’s sight is precious. Yet, according to research*, 1 in 5 children could be having difficulties at school because of poor eyesight. More worryingly, they may not even be aware of it.

At P.W Churms Opticians, we recognise how crucial eyesight is to your child’s development. Which is why, in addition to offering NHS help, we go further to help them.


•   We offer free NHS eye tests if they’re under 16 (or under 19 in full time education)

•   We accept NHS vouchers towards the cost of their spectacles

•   We provide many KODAK Lenses for Kids spectacles free

Good eyesight can help improve your child’s concentration and coordination and develop a happier, more confident personality. So we strongly recommend you get their eyes regularly examined.

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